Projects Beach Lawns Care Home, Weston-Super-Mare

Beach Lawns Care home in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset is a Victorian property comprising of two large buildings set just on the seafront overlooking the Severn Estuary.

The external face of the buildings are constructed from Blue Lias rubble stonework and Bath stone features. Due to the seafront location the Bath stone had become weathered to the point where extensive repair work involving mortar repairs to sheltered areas and replacement stonework elements to more exposed and high level areas were required.

Two chimney stacks to the right hand side of the right hand building required dismantling before re-erecting them using the salvaged Blue Lias stonework which was still in good condition and replacing all elements of the Bath stone features in new stone to match the existing. The balustrade bottles on all elevations had suffered from weathering and so detailed sections were taken where possible and submitted for Architectural approval prior to production at our Workshops.

There were also piecing in repairs using new stone required to Cornices, Corbels, Copings and feature courses around other areas of the two buildings, following these repairs the buildings were given a final wash down which brought the building back to its former glory.

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