Projects Market Building, Cardiff

Traditional water cleaning using fine sprays of clean cold water (nebulous cleaning technique) is the bench mark for cleaning of oolitic limestone’s (Bath and Portland).

The system of nebulous sprays is based on the principle of passing water through fine nozzles on to the surface of the masonry. The mist spray system can be set up with nozzles at intervals along the building, concentrating on areas of greater need and reducing the level where less dirt is present. The level of water is controlled by the cleaner, to avoid over wetting.

Nebulous spray systems can be designed to be incredibly flexible, directing the spray only where needed. Straight or flexible hoses may be employed depending on the requirements of the surface being treated and the nozzles from the hose may be grouped or spaced according to the severity of the dirt or encrustation being treated. Flat surfaces often require less water than a carved heavily soiled detail, which may require a cluster of nozzles positioned on an articulated hose to the profile of the carving.

The entrance to Cardiff Market was cleaned using nebulous sprays without closing the entrance or disturbing the public. The absence of abrasives or chemicals means the intricate carvings and features have been exposed with the minimal of damage. In most cases the original chisel marks can still be identified.

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