Cleaning Natural Stone, The right Way

Doff Cleaning

DOFF is a steam based cleaning system. High temperature and low pressure, capable of heat up to 150 degrees, it is ideal for treating stone. The operator is able to control the temperature and pressure to be appropriate for removing different types of biological matter, paint, algae, moss and general build up of dirt, without damaging a property’s exterior, and without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Perfect for revealing the natural colouring of stonework beneath dirt or paint, DOFF is a CADW and English Heritage approved technique, frequently approved for use on listed buildings. Dawson Stone Masonry is fully affiliated with the Stone Federation, along with being approved by Stone Health Ltd for the use of DOFF or TORC Systems.


Torc Cleaning

The patented TORC system features a low-pressure vortex, that uses small volumes of water, air, and fine inert granulate to achieve a gentle and effective method of cleaning stone masonry. Intended to remove some of the most difficult staining, TORC tackles carbon sulphation, lime and cement based paints, bitumen and limescale.

Accredited by Stone Heath Ltd for the use of TORC and DOFF systems, our skilled team at Dawson Stone Masonry make us one of the key South Wales companies approved to use this process.



Nebulous Sprays

Nebulous cleaning is a system of intermittent mist sprays. The sprays can be set up at intervals along a structure, focusing on spaces in more need, and reducing levels where there is less dirt. Water can be regulated by enabling intermittent spraying so that water can be stopped at the appropriate clean to the building exterior.

The aim of Nebulous cleaning is to apply the least amount of water for the shortest duration to soften the carbon, allowing it to be removed by scrubbing or another relatively soft treatment. This system is suitable for buildings that would be damaged by methods that use a high amount of pressurized water.

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