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In need of stonemasonry repointing or repair? When pointing and repair problems are expertly addressed then walls can remain stable, allowed to breathe and stonework can be preserved. More than any other building process, pointing is often mismanaged or poorly done. Correctly restored masonry will endure, problem free, for many years. Contact us at Dawson for a quote to achieve the results you need.


Lime-pointing repairs are often needed for two main reasons. Over time, through weathering or incorrect maintenance, original lime pointing can deteriorate. For example, blocked overflow pipes or gutters can result in damp masonry, leading to frost damage. In addition, masonry is often re-pointed with an inappropriate mortar such as cement-based, causing problems to the adjacent masonry or building, which then needs replacing with a suitable mortar.

When making a repointing plan, we at Dawson Stone Masonry carry out a close examination and survey of the current masonry walls and their condition. In conservation repair, is essential that expert and experienced craftspeople gain an understanding of the structure or building before deciding on a course of action and carrying out any works.

Our in house stonemasonry specialists will inspect original mortar and wall coatings, while determining today’s requirements for the building. With minimum intervention, we will select appropriate supplies and the right aggregates, while considering their performance, fit with original historical materials, and processes to protect the restoration work. As we regularly repoint structures in South Wales, South West England, the Midlands and London, we have a deep understanding of traditions affecting buildings in these areas.


Whether your concerns are regarding Stone, Terrazzo, Concrete or Limestone, we have skilled in-house specialists who understand the processes and materials necessary to repair each one of these masonry types.

If stonework is discovered to be deteriorating, the important first stage is to get a clear understanding of the main problems affecting the stonework and the mortar joints, including natural flaws, construction flaws, and problems resulting from inappropriate maintenance and repair.

Established specialists in preservation, we can offer you the full spectrum of stonework repairs, addressing cracks, chips and holes to deliver excellent results and restore your masonry to its previous glory.

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